Waterproofing Coating

NP - M1 HIGH FLEXIBLE MEMBRANEHigh flexible membrane

NP - M1 is a high performance acrylic emulsion additive for cement and sand mixes for waterproofing purposes. It is soft, elastic and transparent after drying modified styrene... More

900W Blackthane 100 ELASTIC URETHANE PRIMER FOR BELOW GRADE WATERPROOFINGElastic urethane primer for below grade waterproofing

This waterproofing material is moisture-curable one package urethane primer, hardening by responding to moisture in the air. In addition, this can be used for below grade waterproofing coating to reinforce substrate and improve adhesion to intermediate... More

815 BLACKTHANE 2100NT 2K NON-TAR URETHANE WATERPROOFING MATERIAL FOR BELOW GRADE2K non-tar urethane waterproofing material for below grade

This two package non-tar urethane is excellent in elongation, adhesion, elasticity and impact resistance. Especially, it yields good self-levelling properties. In addition, this is eco-friendly product without tar component. And this has superb waterproofing effect by outstanding properties of film. This is non-tar urethane waterproofing material for below grade and meets with KS F 3211 type... More

900W CLEANTHANE 1000 MOISTURE-CURING POLYURETHANE PRIMERMoisture-curing polyurethane primer

This paint is based on oil-free moisture-curing polyurethane clear. It is cured by chemical reaction with moisture from the air The coating offers good abrasion resistance, extremely washable, resistance to chemicals and stains. It is suitable for use on concrete floors... More

825 CLEANTHANE 2100 EXPOSURE TYPE URETHANE ELASTOMER FOR WATERPROOFExposure type urethane elastomer for waterproof

This paint is based on solvent-free two component elastic polyurethane system with high chemical and mechanical resistance. Especially, it yields good self-levelling properties, excellent waterproof effect, high elasticity and a very thick film (approx. 3mm) in a single coat. It is a high-class elastomer which forms layer with medium hardness after complete reaction for the concrete roof... More

825 CLEANTHANE 3000 WATERPROOF POLYURETHANE FINISHWaterproof polyurethane finish

This product is suitable for polyurethane finish coating because it is flexible more than common urethane paint Especially, it is designed to have good abrasion resistance, good chemical resistance and various color... More


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CT-333 Multifunctional waterproof and thermal insulation top coatCT-333 Multifunctional waterproof and thermal insulation top coat

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