Epoxy Floor Coating


Epoxy Transparent Primer

General Information:

Epoxy Transparent Primer 711 is based on epoxy resin, combined with polyamide. The forming film has excellent toughness and adhesion. Good resistance to solvent, oil, acid-base, salts, and moisture

Suitable Use:

Designed to protect concrete floor and cement products, cement floor and wall paint primer


1. Flexible film and good adhesion
2. Excellent resistance to solvent, oil, acids, alkalis, salts and moisture


1. Viscosity: 44 - 46 KU (25°C)
2. Theoretical coverage: 0.1
± 0.05 kg/m2(dry film thickness: 30 µm)
3. Drying time:

(H: hours, D: days) 5°C 20°C 30°C
Set to Touch 24H 4H 2H
Dry Hard 72H 24H 20H
For Overcoat (Min.)         3D                12H                  8H         
For Overcoat (Max.) 4D 3D 2D
Pot life 8H 6H 5H

4. Density: approx. 0.9 g/ml
5. Volume solid: 32 + 1 %
6. Mixing ratio A : B = 3 :1( by weight)
7. Thinner: 926D
8. Color: no color
9. Recommended painting road: 1 layer
10. Packing: 17.4 kg/set, 3.48 kg/set

Directions for Use:

1. Surface preparation:
- The surface should be flat and dry sufficiently
- Remove oil, moisture, dust, paint and other contaminants from the surface to be coated

2. Preparation of paint:
- Stir to be mixed uniformly before use
- Keep correct mixing ratio and add hardener to base

Storage instructions:

1. Valid: 12 months
2. Note: this product must be stored in a cool dry and ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight, away from the fire


  1. The main substance and the hardener must be proportionally blended, stir evenly the mixture before use. Recommend to use before the pot-life is over
  2. Remove all oil, grease, water, and dust from the substrate
  3. This product is inflammable and should keep away from heat and fire
  4. During the application, the work site should be ventilated and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. For more information, please refer to MSDS
  5. The ambient temperature must not below 5oC or the relative humidity less than 85%
  6. The main substance and hardener should be tightly closed and stored in a cool place when it is in use
  7. Epoxy floor coating under direct sunlight may fade away or  discolor but does not affect its role and function



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